Friday, October 3, 2014

Let Grace cover the earth!

The link above is to one of the most amazingly anointed, men of God I've ever known.  I have  no words to explain how what it is to be in this man's presence, little alone to study under his teachings.   It is ineffable.  

His teaching is that which of I write....of Grace.  Of precious Jesus.  For many, unlike anything you've ever heard before.  You just might find yourself as I did, set free.  It's transformed my life, and nothing would make my heart leap with joy more than to pass this on and have the message of grace touch souls.  Let it pull you home.  From where ever you are.  God is not mad, and He's especially not mad at you.  He loves you more than you could ever imagine.  He is the what set love into motion, and you think he does not know how to love you??  He created love!  He created us to love!  Yet we look to people to fulfill this, and they cannot.  Then we blame God.  Interesting concept really.  He did not make us perfect... but we forget, and ache for it, that connection --- when we need to be looking to our Father for that.  He is the only One that can fulfill that need.  He was, He is, and He will always BE!  Past, present, and perfect tense!  Perfection!  

Of course Pastor Paul White is always available at Midland Church or  All of the sermons are archived and are free for the download or lifestream.  Hallelujah!! If you get a chance to see this man, do not pass it up.  You WILL be blessed.  I promise you.  You will not be the same.  Grace.  What a precious gift.  

Grace and Peace to you.

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