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Down to One.

Life is, if anything - complex.  I find myself as I grow older more and more willing to live it out alone.  It's really difficult trying to communicate the complexities of life to new people.  I'm finding that I just don't know if it's worth the risk, or the effort.  People earnestly only comprehend from their level of understanding -- and one really cannot fault them.  Depending upon the level of empathy that is possessed -- and the communication method -- much can be misconstrued.  It's just not simple.  Especially in today's technology.  It's just damn hard.  I completely understand now why people do not let you in their lives easily.  It's hard work.

I don't mind taking risks, I'm a risk taker by nature.  My life is pretty much (you've probably already figured this out) an open book.  I don't have a great deal of secrets.  This draws back to my A.A. roots.  I just come from the line of thinking that secrets keep us sick.  This line…