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In the blink of an eye.

So much has transpired, I hardly know where to begin.

Mostly what I want to convey is the pain that I feel and how vastly I am trying to understand the ability of humans to be so callused, cold, and detached.  How much control plays a part in relationships between a man and a woman.  I've never experienced it on this level.

I suppose I thought that I had the corner on family dysfunction...but for all intensive purposes, I know now that I am not alone.  When people walk out of your life and emotionally cut you off --- the pain is brutal. I've been here before.  No answers, no validation, no closure, no end in the attempt of the mind to process what just happened.  It searches for answers.  It can't but not.  Seek and search - that's what the brain does... endlessly.

People can come into our lives for all sorts of reasons.  For all sorts of seasons.  Sometimes it is hard to tell, and sometimes we have to wait for the answers.  Sometimes even when we ask for what we n…