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Present Pain.

I'm at a place that I don't know that I've been.  In attempting to deal with the issues of my childhood (my mother), my recent break-up, abandonment, silencing, my friends (so called) ignoring me, and the disrespect at my job.... I'm just about to snap.  I've been through many, many an ordeal in my life -- but how and why things are piling up quite the way that they are now is just almost more than I can effectively manage emotionally.  The amount of sheer will that it is taking to just get up and function is about to do me in.  It's taking a tole on me physically - I'm passing kidney stones, I have a sinus infection, and the fatigue with my fibromyalgia is horrific.  My depression is real fun too.  I must be right on the edge of major change, for all of this has brought a plethora of emotional pain.  There's anger too, which is even harder to control.  This is what frightens me, for I know I have rage.  Untapped rage.  I believe a lot of us do --- if w…