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Facing Fear

"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot do."

I quite like this quote, and I admire Eleanor Roosevelt.  I have faced many a fear in my life - I've taught myself how to navigate major cities by myself on three separate occasions.  Well, me and God.  I certainly prayed my way through and was quite certainly terrified.  I had all of my worst fears come to fruition in one day in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a blinding snow storm.  I was lost, my windshield wipers stopped working, I went UP and OFF ramp - and my car died.  It still didn't kill me.  : )  I was, however - emotionally exhausted when I got home, but thankful.  

Life is odd.  Our development in it is peculiar as well.  Our emotional states ebb and flow.  We can be at what seems like our mountain top at one time in our lives and virtually feel as if we're sinking at another point.  I am struggli…

Facing Darkness, Finding Hope

I was just released from the hospital last evening.  Depression had it's way with me, despite my greatest fight.  Sometimes even those of us that seem to have stellar hope, and strong faith - have to admit we've met a challenge we cannot surmount.  I'd been wrangling with the hope fight for a few weeks.  Oft times, as we gain in the process towards healing - we can have a backlash of pure fear.  This was the case for me.  Despite my best effort, the mental and emotional barrage got the best of me.  I just kept coming up empty in my attempts to see through - the finances, the courage that was needed to do what was being asked of me, and my internal dialogue.

Going into a mental "locked" institution is truly a shock to your psyche.  You are stripped of each and everything that makes you, you.  An I mean ---- stripped.  You have no awareness of time -- other than when meals are served, or groups are held, unless you go to the nurses station.  I was taken off all o…

Quintessential Change

This beautiful passage found it's way to me yesterday morning.  I think we can all attest to it's rare beauty, raw authenticity, and voluptuous truth.  As for it's author, I am always, always in awe of Ms. Williamson's silken profundity.  Her words like velvet to the mind.  Her heart, always open, sharing her uttermost being with integrity and genuine risk.  Her universal voice speaks with love of and to mankind, with miracles in mind.  Her message, although not arduous, is that of love - period.  I've read four of her books, and adored each and every one.  Most I've read more than once, and have given them as gifts to treasured friends.  "The Gift of Change" - being the first, and, "A Return to Love", and also, "Illuminata - A Return to Prayer".  I would encourage anyone to read any of these publications, they are illuminating.

I had my session with Doc  - and I've been in rapid change cycles for the last two weeks. The mess…