Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Love is a little word with a multitude of meanings.  It is a word that crosses cultures, races, and great divides.  I suppose what I'm saying is, it's pretty much universal.  At least, it is supposed to be.

I liken it best as the unconditional kind.  It's the way I try and love people.  Perhaps it seems simple - but yet it is not.  Unconditional love is either (I believe) inborn or learned through lessons in life.  The kind of lessons that are the hardest, usually when one endures heartache or some kind of soul suffering. I used to think that to suffer was to know that we were alive, but I no longer believe this - I now know that there is peace in living.  I just does not have to be so hard.

Loving some folks is difficult.  Liking some people - is down right hard to do.  However, being the person that I am - I will try.  Actually it's more than mere trying, I apply myself to it.  I make it a way of life, because it is one of the few commandments that Jesus gave us.  I'm not speaking of "Law" - the ten commandments - for when Jesus came He brought us a new covenant.  Galatians 2:21 (KJV) states: "I do not frustrate the grace of God:  for if righteousness come by law, then Christ is dead in vain." - This means we are not under the "Law" and longer of the Old Testament.  Christ life, death, resurrection - brought us a new set of laws --- The Law of Love. 1. Love thy neighbor as thyself, 2.Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, with all your soul and with all your might.  These are the commandments of Jesus.  We are no longer under jewish law any longer.  Christ paid the price for our sins - on the cross.  When Christ said, "It is Finished," He meant it.

Grace is a gift.  It is our salvation.  It's free because Jesus paid for it with his life.

Now, I am not a religious person, at all - but I do believe in the Bible.  I don't know how a person can follow Jesus and not.  What I 'm getting to here is however, love.  Love that we all have, love we receive, love we give and love, as a way of life.  It sounds pretty - but how easy is it to do, especially in these times?  Loving nice people is easy.  Unless you have problems with them.  Then the mind goes elsewhere -- the judgements start.

We categorize folks.  Good, bad, okay, sorta okay - and awful!  I think it's human nature -- the stretch is to stop doing this.  If we look inward - and wonder what it feels like to have this done to ourselves, we are much less likely to do it to others.  Hence, the Golden Rule.  I think it's pretty cool actually.  Then there's "walk a mile in my shoes" -- for no one know's another circumstance - yet we are so quick to delve out our opinions.

What would happen if we just saw people as good humans?  What would happen if (as the little plaque above my computer states) we just believed the best of everybody?????  How radical is that kind of thinking?  I bet we wouldn't be trying to kill each other for cutting someone off in traffic.  Our mindsets today are all me, me, me.  What if we actually tried to first acknowledge our neighbor?  Then, tried to get to know them?  Set aside judgements - and let them be what they are-- what we all are, flawed human beings.  No one among us has it all figured out.  I don't.  You don't  - and what if we just lived knowing it was okay to be wrong sometimes?  To not know the answers.  What if we just tried to live in a state of loving each other ~~~ just the way we are?  Letting people BE.  Stop the tall, skinny, fat, sweet, pretty, ugly, ETC.  I think it is illuminating.  It is evolving.  Rise above the crowd of simple thought.  Enter into the realm of unconditional love.

I adore the mindset.  I adore the thought processes.  I love people in such a way that allows them to be who they are - at their own expense.  And just keep loving them anyway.  I see people's potential.  I don't look for flaws.  I don't want to see flaws - I don't look for them because most folks know that they have them.  It ISN'T MY JOB.  It isn't any of our jobs.

Unconditional love is freeing.  It really means that I'm okay with me - and I'm okay with you - too.  It gives us permission to grow and take risks, to be vital and alive.  It make people know that they are accepted.  We all need that.  It validates our humanness.  And I believe it reflects God.

Love - be the person who spreads it - who contributes to it, at your work, at your home, everywhere that you go.  Let it be your "heart-condition."  Most of all, let it begin in your soul.  If you do not love yourself, it will be difficult for you to exhibit it to others.  The journey towards inward love is filled with hard work at times, but the price of freedom always is.  It is well worth it's fee.  Peace, fulfillment, illumination, and evolution is it's gift.  As so is love.

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