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It's been a long time since I've written.  I've been busy writing papers for school, which I never actually thought I'd return to.  Alas, I have and although I struggle, I'm getting through.  I'm finding that my mind just doesn't work the way that I'd like, and the way it did at thirty-something.  My comprehension is down.  Way down.  I have to work much harder than I ever have at making the grades.  I am very undisciplined.  I suppose this should not be a shocker, but it upsets me quite a bit.  In all actuality, when I think of it not much has changed - it's still the same old procrastination.  I push myself up all the way to the edge with thing - I just finished an essay that's been assigned for at least two weeks.  I tried to complete it prior, but it just wouldn't come.  Sometimes I have problems like that - the information will not just flow.  I guess it is the equivalent of writers block?  Who knows.

I'm still single, and have not…