Friday, March 7, 2014

Loving Humans.

It's been a long time since I've written.  Copious amounts of things have happened - unreal really - but then again, not to me.  When my journey hit the world, did it surprise or shock?  Those who knew me weren't blown over but still taken back a bit.

Life is about change, new possibilities, and opportunities.  I'd been in the state of mind that I'd been in for quite some time - and then added school.  That was okay -- hard sometimes but a risk, and an challenge that I needed.  Then fate hit my life.  It shook my foundation a bit, but also got me back face to face with another part of me too.  People don't understand same sex relationships -- and don't even try.  Their minds go immediately to what a person does sexually - and they personalize it, and don't even think - THINK that our relationships might (just might) be pretty damn normal, stable.......UH the same as heterosexual relationships.  It's sad, but hey that is what one has to deal with in the same sex community - and you live with all sorts of things... Judgement, damnation, hate, loss of friendships..... and I merely happen to love a human.  She just happens to be a woman.  I'm sorry if this upsets you - but I in no means, shape nor form am asking anyone else to love her..... I said that I did.

I've digressed, I apologize.  I've fallen in love.  I've fallen in love with Heidi Hunt.  A terrific, beautiful lady - that just dropped into  my life.  Nothing, absolutely - has been the same.  My friends are sort of freaked, but okay as long as I'm happy ---  and happy I am.  We've not been apart with exception of perhaps a few mere hours, since we laid eyes on each other.  That's a good thing.

Now I know that there are going to be those that will say - are you a christian?  Yes, Virginia - I still love, adore, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Some will take issue with this.  I tell you it's about love.  I love a human being.  Not a sin.  I still love the Lord God with all of  my heart, mind, and soul.  This will never change.  If you think I'm deluded, keep it to yourself - my beliefs are my beliefs.  I don't do religion - I do relationship and so does Heidi.  I do not, and absolutely refuse to believe that God loves me any less because I love Heidi.  That to me just does not make any kind of sense.

We are going to live life and see good and enjoy God's creation.  We both love Midland - and will continue to go.  I hope and pray that we're embraced, because Lord knows my heart is in that church.  I owe so much to the grace of God - and the freedom that I've gained, in heart - soul - and peace of mind.  I don't have to be a little christian solder any longer....... Jesus paid it all.  Letting Christ shine through me - being who I say that I am (in Christ) means the world to me.

We truly never know in this life from one moment to the next what life will bring.  I say be strong and of good courage anyway and wait patiently.  God knows the desires of your heart........ be of good cheer!  Help folks along with way - and take no credit.  Live your life from with that which sings from your heart.  Life will be filled with gratitude and you won't even be able to stop it.... as if you'd want to.  Life, soak it up.  This isn't a dressed rehearsal.  We got one shot at this deal, make it your own, and do it up good.  I've finally found my companion that I've been searching for - well for what seems forever.  That is about as close to a miracle as I've enjoyed in quite some time.

Heidi Hunt........................ I've met a lot of someone's  ~  But I've never met someone like you.....
Love you to the moon and back..........G.

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