Friday, January 4, 2013

Fighting Battles, Living Life

Life,  It seems at times, is a series of battles.  I suppose it is a matter of perception - one could call it challenges, but either way, the climb is uphill.  An enlightened soul tries to do these things with an open heart.  Energy only flows through an open heart.  Once we loose focus, and our thinking becomes static - our wealth of energy is cut off.  Our thoughts race, and our whole lives seem to stop.  We have a block in the flow of our lives.  We no longer see beauty - our consciousness is no longer in tune with nature, moon light, and flowers.  It struggles for a solution and thus we become the problem.  It chains, dare I say, even our breath.  

My dispute with this is, I want to go on living despite my provocation.  If an individual is aware of the closing of the heart - that which shuts itself off during difficulties- then it can reopen.  I am not the sum total of the bumps in the road...  I want to keep seeing the trees in the forest.  

I have a few things going on.  All of which require legal counsel.  I am a tranquil human.  I love peace. For some odd reason - people in my life love to try and disquiet my spirit.  Unless I am merely processing it wrongly.  This could be too.  At any rate - I have things that can cause disharmony, and I am a creature of peace.  My quandary is: How do I remain open to life when life seems to throw me curve balls?  

I want to experience all that I can.  We only have one shot at this life deal.  I've told many, "this isn't a dressed rehearsal."  Energy flows in and through us.  The more open our systems, the more alive we feel.  Just like falling in love.  Remember how it felt?  You felt alive and invigorated - you could almost feel your blood pumping.  Everything felt new, bright and full of wonder.  This is living life the way I believe we can live.  We can live life, and be in love with life itself.  It is all a matter of perception, energy flow - and the attention we give out thoughts.  It is being an open system verses a closed one.  Our bodies are a system, why not challenge yourself to be free from the things that bind you, mainly your thought life?  It mostly stems from our fear of what "might" happen if we remain open to experience the world.  

What if we had a center that could not be hurt?  What if we decided, here and now that no one, or nothing was ever going to hurt us again.  That our cores were 'hurt-proof'.  That we had a special place inside of ourselves that nothing could penetrate?  Such a special place we only we can dwell.  Energy can flow in and out - but others have no access to hurt or harm.  It is only for us to access.  Our feeling center, where we experience life but that it is protected automatically.  Thoughts do not affect it - it just is.  It has it's on protective mechanisms.  The place where God dwells.  That ever so special place where we call all find center - and know we are always safe.  No matter what, nothing but positivity and goodness can penetrate it.  

Don't you think we'd be better humans?  We'd have more energy- we'd be kinder?  There would be less strife in the world at large.  More compassion.  We could direct our own thoughts.  We would do for our neighbor as we would do for ourselves.  We would love God with our whole hearts.  We would live like there is no tomorrow - and have no regrets.  We'd eat our favorite foods, call our most beloved people and tell them what they mean to us.  We would be able to live without fear.  We would only feel - love.  

This is what I think God had originally designed.  I believe this was the Garden of Eden.  The eating of the apple of knowledge of Good and Evil - thus made them aware.  Thus, began the burden.  

I believe it possible to rise above our truths - to a higher plane.  A place inside ourselves where life is precious.  Where our experiences mean what there supposed to mean - and we don't just 'struggle' through.  Where we can shut the computer (brain) down and experience life via the heart.  It takes work, and it takes great courage.  One must nearly be ferocious.  However, I believe it's worth every ounce of energy.  Every flow of energy - every opening of the heart.  To live life, present.  To view it as more than a series of battles.  To observe it as a wild movie that you can't wait to see what happens next.  

There is beauty in life, everywhere.  In the star sprinkled sky - the wispy clouds, the purplish oranges of the sunset.  The trees that reach far below ground and reach for the stars.  We are a blessed people.  If only we choose to see.  If we choose to see with our hearts and our eyes.  Even in our battles in life, we can find truth and beauty.  We are alive and breathing - fight for what is yours - but do it in kindness.  Do it with a sense of wonder and adventure.  Believe that anything is possible - and it will be.  

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