Thursday, February 28, 2013


They come in all sizes.  Some come in - others we have the pleasure of being the "giver." I would say that my favorite is being the 'blesser' - but I like receiving too.

Life is full of them.  Rich with them.  Blessings happen everyday.  I thank God for my abundance, because I live an abundant life.  If a person were to look at my circumstances, they would think, are you crazy?  However, to me, I've blessed.  It is the simple things.  Loving and being loved.  I've ached for it my entire life.

When I first moved here (in the locale that I am now) I did not know anyone.  Now I have several friends, and an entire church family.  This  makes me feel rich beyond measure.  I no longer have those days of misery - when I did not have anyone to call to talk to -- nor did my phone ever ring.  An, it's not just that, it's an internal deal.  Since I've come to love God the way that I do - I never feel alone anymore.  I know intrinsically that I am not alone.  I've had times, when I've had low moods - where I've asked God to hold me, and I've felt the warmth of just that.  Do I miss relationships?  Sure.  I'm sorta human -- but a Godly human.  I no longer consider myself a creature of this world.  I don't adhere to the things of this world.  This is the  kind of blessings that I speak of.  I know what my Lord has in store for me.  I'm anticipant.

I had an opportunity yesterday that I seldom get.  My neighbor stopped by and had asked a favor.  I always try and be helpful.  In midst of the conversation, that usually ends up being a counseling session -- (praise God) she revealed to me that she doesn't eat - because she has no food.  Well, this was a RIPE opportunity for me to help.  I got the biggest bag I could find and started filling it with food.  I did this, and I write this not to be the Peacock --- but to acknowledge that God has given me abundance so that I can give to others.  It felt so wonderful, so wonderful, to be able to help her.  I noticed that the more food I put in to the bag, the more she seemed uncomfortable.  It is hard to receive.  She kept telling me, "I don't want to take from you," and I told her "you are blessing me!!!  It was a very humbling experience for my neighbor - and I held her and she cried.  The richness that I felt was extensive, but I also, felt for her.  How could I not?  I've been in her shoes...  There has been a time, when I've had food given to me, because I had so little.  The beauty of this is that I'd prayed for God to let my branches - bear fruit.  Yesterday -- it did.  How awesome is that?

Yesterday was an absolutely incredible day.  Church Bible study was amazing.  We studied all of the "In Him" passages.  Mostly out of Ephesians.  I adore my church, as anyone who reads my blog knows.  It's transformed my life.   It (it's message of Grace) has brought alive in me, what I never knew existed until now.  I am going to be baptized into Grace in a few Sundays.  I'll blog about that experience.  My life is just so expansively rich.  I don't have words to describe it.    However, it is all about blessings.

The man that I loved with all my heart (well there's two of them) but the ONE is back in my life - albeit via Skype from time to time -- but at least I get to talk and see him.  I don't even care if he reads this.  He knows how I feel about him.  And I've made a new male friend that is a Godly man.  He has been helping me, I went to the hospital over the weekend - and he took care of my pooch.  And me too.  So I've made another new friend.  He goes to my church.  Another blessing.

I'm awaiting the call from the interview.  If God intends for me to have it, it will manifest.  If not, then He has something more in store for me, something greater.  I have very  positive feelings about it - but with my Lord, who would not?  Things just take time.  God's time.  I've already told the Lord that I accept whatever may come.  It's His will, not mine.

Be blessed, in all that you do.  Thank God for your abundance - your family, your friends, your home, your food, your life.  I thank God every time I take a shower for hot water.  There are many third world countries that don't even have bathrooms.  We are a 'blessed' civilization.  We don't think about it, because we take it for granted.  Gratitude, for the blessed lives we lead.  My life is very simple - but I see richness in everyday details.  The birds are starting to return in preparation for spring - and I just thingk it is the most loveliest of sounds.  Their chirping makes me happy.  New life, the earth will come alive again, just as God promised.  Thank God for the seasons - the seasons of your life.  Even the hard ones, for without them, like the rain -- how would we ever glorify the sun?

Be a blessing to someone today.  However small, however large.  Listen to the small (or loud) voice inside you.  Go the extra mile for someone you don't even know.  Don't let it matter who knows or why it matters.  Because it does  matter.  It matters in our hearts.  It matters in our minds.  Blessings, receiving and giving always matter.  Be a person that matters.  Be a blessing.

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