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They come in all sizes.  Some come in - others we have the pleasure of being the "giver." I would say that my favorite is being the 'blesser' - but I like receiving too.

Life is full of them.  Rich with them.  Blessings happen everyday.  I thank God for my abundance, because I live an abundant life.  If a person were to look at my circumstances, they would think, are you crazy?  However, to me, I've blessed.  It is the simple things.  Loving and being loved.  I've ached for it my entire life.

When I first moved here (in the locale that I am now) I did not know anyone.  Now I have several friends, and an entire church family.  This  makes me feel rich beyond measure.  I no longer have those days of misery - when I did not have anyone to call to talk to -- nor did my phone ever ring.  An, it's not just that, it's an internal deal.  Since I've come to love God the way that I do - I never feel alone anymore.  I know intrinsically that I am not alone…


Love is a little word with a multitude of meanings.  It is a word that crosses cultures, races, and great divides.  I suppose what I'm saying is, it's pretty much universal.  At least, it is supposed to be.

I liken it best as the unconditional kind.  It's the way I try and love people.  Perhaps it seems simple - but yet it is not.  Unconditional love is either (I believe) inborn or learned through lessons in life.  The kind of lessons that are the hardest, usually when one endures heartache or some kind of soul suffering. I used to think that to suffer was to know that we were alive, but I no longer believe this - I now know that there is peace in living.  I just does not have to be so hard.

Loving some folks is difficult.  Liking some people - is down right hard to do.  However, being the person that I am - I will try.  Actually it's more than mere trying, I apply myself to it.  I make it a way of life, because it is one of the few commandments that Jesus gave us. …

Seven Wonders of the World Movie

Seven Wonders of the World Movie: It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle today that we naturally begin to take some of life's most beautiful gifts for granted. I love watching this story unfold through the eyes of a child. It's a reminder that our most priceless possessions were given to us free at birth.

"Your Love is So Amazing" by Michael White

My Church - Our Praise Music - Our Michael.........Praise God!!  One of my favorites.

Glorious Day (Living He loved me) ~Casting Crowns


God - Part ll

What does one now, say about God.  I've shared my experience, my struggles - and that I knew (not as much as I do now) that God was with me...  The only part that I did not include was the surgeries, the infections, and the like, but that isn't what I want to write about.  I doubt that this is anything one would want to read.  Those were extremely hard times.  However, I did heal.  

Healing is to me multifaceted. There are times when the emotional pain is so brutal, you do not think you will survive it.  I've had times when I've been so ill, I've actually prayed for death.  I look back now and regret this - but I could not see an end to the suffering.  And this, would cause some people to say, "there is no God."  I'm here to tell you - He brought me healing, in a most unusual way.  God always does things in such a way that is unique.  It has happened in my life where I absolutely knew, it was a miracle from God.  It is usually a subtle, quiet answer th…


How does one begin to write about God?  For me, it has to be my personal experience.  

My Father took me to church as a wee child.  I learned about Jesus and the disciples.  I was taught all the bible stories, by very kind people.  From there, it was my Grandmother that took me.  My Grandmother was, and still is even though she passed a long time ago now, one of the best versions of the Christian walk - I've ever known.  She was the kindest, most giving, humble person I think I've ever known.  She did not just talk the talk, but she walked the walk.  I admired her greatly.  As I did my Father.  My Dad was very gentle as well as kind - but Daddy had a bit of an ego in him.  I know what pushed him to this limit -- as many things in life will.  However, I am immensely grateful for both of them - for laying the foundation of a Godly life for me.  I believe that it is the greatest and most important task that a parent has, to teach them the things of God.  

I went astray in my teens …