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God Girl - enthralled with Love.

I haven't written in awhile, although I think about it quite a bit.  I just feel like I have to have something specific to say when I do write.  Well, today, I'm just merely in love with Christ.  Not merely - that doesn't sound right - I'M IN LOVE WITH CHRIST!  There, that's better.

One may scoff, decide not to read - but I write to those who will.  I write to all, for there might be one, just one that's curious enough to see, why?  I've got lots, oodles and oodles of whys.

Christ has changed my life, one hundred and eighty degrees.  If you've read previous blogs, you know where I came from - a life filled with stress, resentment, anger, distrust, and addiction.  I even at times despised my own mother.   However, God (Jesus and God are to me, one in the same, interchangeable) - has melted my heart.

I've always known that God was the answer, I was raised in church.  I've read my bible while so high I burned the pages, and the cover of my olde…

Just another joint of the Journey

I've been through a bit since I've last written.  I didn't have time before, and now - again, all I have IS time.  I worked a mere three weeks, and one of the main funding sources ran out - thus, I got laid off.  

Being a person that has delayed reactions to things - it didn't seem to bad at first - I wasn't fired, nor let go -- I had just been temporarily laid off.  That is what my "rational" mind told me.  I hadn't had time to consider all that I'd been trying to cope with - all the dreams I'd had in my head.  Not only that, but the stress that I'd been under (good stress) trying to adjust to the new job.  Since it had been so many years since I had worked, the adjustment period had really just begun.  I'd had some difficult days, with pain control - and silly as it may sound to some -- missing my daily naps!  There were days when paperwork ruled, and I had a serious time staying awake.  This in itself was very disconcerting.  I knew …