Monday, May 5, 2014

Change, change and more change.....

Humans do odd things when faced with multiple changes.  Change produces stress in the body - both good and bad changes.  It affects the mind, the body and the spirit.  Trying to stay at peace while all of this is going on, is not easy.  The best way that I know how to stay centered is to take things slowly - one obstacle at a time.  Until three hit you.  Sometimes you have no choice but to deal with multiplicity - one then has to prioritize.  It's very intense at times.  I've had to teach myself how to respond to situations, verses react to them.  It took me many years and much prayer to do this.  I used to be very reactionary.  I made a lot of mistakes during that time, but I learned - and this is the key.  A mistake is not a mistake if we but learn from the experience.  Learning from the experience requires willingness - a willingness to look at our part in it, our behavior - thoughts and motivations.  

I guess my cathartic moment the other day was when I almost threw up.  That is where my body took me with the changes in my life.  That was where I let the thoughts that built up inside to take me to and it affected me physically.  We have so much more control over our minds than we realize.  I literally made myself sick because of my thinking.  I allowed myself to become so overwhelmed in that moment (or two) till the point that it made me sick.

I wonder on the other side of this if we can think ourselves well?  I think they're is a pretty darn good chance that we have quite a bit of control/power over our wellbeing based upon how and what we think.  Granted this isn't a new idea...but it begs exploring - for me.  I just find it so interesting that if my mind can have such a dramatic effect upon me in a negative manner as to affect me physically -- why can't we think ourselves well?  What is the answer to that one?  It has to go both ways, that's the only thing that makes any sense.  Our brains are attached (duh) to our emotions, actually they are the cause ...chemicals, hormones and such - how would a person have to think in order for there to be harmony?  I find this quite interesting.  I see where spirits and hearts collide on that one.  What of those like me with illnesses and diseases... what of this?  Of course there is no easy answer, no utopia or nirvana....

My father used to tell me that my pain was psychosomatic when I was young - and I didn't like that.  I did not understand fully what this meant.  I just thought that it was my fault was what he was saying or that my pain was just "all in my head."  I'd been to numerous doctors and found no answers, so who could help but feel like no one believes you?  Those were the years long before I had any sense of self, however - prior to treatment.  The first one.

Our mindsets have so much to do with our lives, so much.  I'm going through a great deal of change.  I've written in past about change being a gift and I stand by this.  Every risk we take forces us to grow - I'll continue to take them.  I will not live life in a cocoon.  I did that for many years and I won't go back there.  Every ripple no matter how larger or how small affects us.  I have quite a few ripples coming.  All that I can do is put on a pair of ski's and go with the flow.  To fight the current - well would be futile.  So much about change is one's mindset - if your open and expectant of the experience, then the universe will get behind you.  Once you take that step out in faith - the Lord will guide your path.  It's really simple for me, just get up, and believe.  Obstacles may pop up, just deal with them and keep on marching forward.  I know that God has got me.  I have no doubt of this.  Do I really, or could I use a miracle?  Yes, and I do believe in them!!!  I've experienced them in my life.  This and many other things steady my faith - concretized my commitment to God.  I may be looking at heavy duty need, but I have a rock solid Lord!!!

Change is difficult... no matter who you are.  It can boggle the mind.  Intense change can really be unsettling.  Especially in matters of the heart -

The next time that your faced with a tough change think to yourself, how this goes really depends upon how I believe it will!  We get what we expect.  It's really that simple.  Expect great things !!  Be the person that actually is grateful, look up - look at the clouds - sky, notice the earth!  See the stars at night.  Life actually exists outside of our heads.  Know who and what is in control of your life.... is it you or that voice in your head?  Take time and get quiet and see what comes to you.  That voice will quieten down - and you might be surprised what you find.  Sometimes all that chatter is just that - racket!!  Listen to your soul.  There's a place to start to find out who you are.  Be aware of your ego and it's control over you.  Those pesky instincts run rampant.  Yes it's a lot of work, but it's also necessary for growth and peace.

Changing requires so much from us - but we can make the transition.  View it as an opportunity and a junction in the journey.  Muster the courage even when you don't feel like it - staying positive will help smooth the way.  I'm at peace this time around and I haven't a clue on a whole lot of things.  Life changes and there isn't anything we can do about it.  Process whatever feelings may be involved is always your best bet.  Closure is always a good plan when possible.

If only there were a nirvana..(on earth).  None of us would have to worry about things like change or thinking positive or any of that type of stuff. I think in that kind of situation - that would all be a part of that reality - and come natural... I can't even begin to think in that direction my mind goes into overload.  I kind of do have a place that I go when I am in nature or listen to music -- or during praise time at church that is pretty close to heaven on earth.  That's pretty cool.

I know that there are magical aspects to the mind that are yet to be discovered.  I know that we use so little of what it is actually capable of.  I like to think that I (as much as I can) push some of the limits of it by the way that I think... and the kinds/types of things that I think about.  That's cool.  I'm not idle much..   Happy Changing.......  God Bless....

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