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An encounter / Indescribable God.

Today is my birthday.  It's been a fabulous day - more than words can describe.  I've prayed earnestly for the last two days - and I experienced a miracle today.  My birthday miracle.   Something that I've prayed for - but never expected to happen in quite this way.  God always answers prayer in such a way that astounds you.  I think it's really awesome how He gives us exactly what we need, the way that we need it.  

I was with my friend today as Hastings, scoping out used books at the bargain price of $2.99.  Of course I'm in the spiritual section - looking through the grace books - and some of Joseph Prince's writings.  Well, an older lady walked up and remarked that Joseph's work and ministry was wonderful - and I had to tell her about my church.  We shared a bit about grace - and I noticed she was shaking.  As we conversed further I asked her if she knew about Sarah Young's book 'Jesus Calling'.  She said that she hadn't heard of it - so …

Transformation~ Pain- patience- faith and renewed hope.

My life for all intensive purposes seems to be falling apart.  Every choice that I make, or at least it seems - keeps turning up to be a wrong turn.  I'm to the point where I no longer seem to have the answers, and for an answer finding kind of person -- this is devastating.  

I measure depression like a water level on the body.  Most times I have the coping skills to make the water recede.  These days, it's just not working.  I've tried all of my resources - but  even my most trusted resource has failed me.  I really am uncertain as to what to do at this juncture of my life.  It feels like the level of the water is at my throat - and encroaching my mouth and nose.  I feel as if I'm barely breathing.  I literally do not know what to do.  Each and every choice that I could make brings more consequences, or more pain  - physically, emotionally and mentally.  I feel absolutely stuck.  Stuck in a mire of  muck and I cannot even cry.  If I cannot cry I cannot heal.