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Mercy, Grace, and Love

Love.  It's gotten me by as of late.  I've been in a lot of pain.  Physical pain.  I've had surgery - and am now passing kidney stones.  This on top of the chronic pain that I live with - has been quite the challenge.  

Pain brings you to a presupposes if that is the right word I'm looking for.  At any rate, it brings you to an edge.  One either becomes hardened towards God, or one becomes more humble and open to Him.  For me, I see this as an opportunity to receive God's goodness.  Matter of fact, I've been praying for God to show me His love in everyday life.  So far, it's been pretty amazing.  People have popped up in my life, given to me in immeasurable ways, and life has just been stunning.  

God's mercy amazes me.  I have never deserved it.  Not with the life that I have led.  I've stolen from the people that I've loved, defied God, and pushed the limitations of His love.  Yet and still, He has remained steadfast, gentle, honorable, and most…