Thursday, March 12, 2015


Agape means love.  In some definitions it means unconditional love.  I'm concerned for the pure love of God, for man.  I truly believe we can't comprehend it.  I think we only can conceive a small fraction of the love that God has for us.

When I think about this in all actuality - God is the creator of love.  He is the creator of all things.  He was the One that conceptualized love.  How vast this must be.  I can only akin it to how much I love certain people or say my beloved Gracie -- my little companion.  I'm fully aware of how silly this sounds... yet I've thought and thought about it and searched my heart.  The love that I had for my father was great indeed as well.  Yet and still I know that this pales in comparison to the way that God loves us.

Back to Gracie.  I'll use her for an example.  Her love is so unconditional.  It doesn't matter to her what I'm doing, how I look, or anything else, she just simply an unapologetically loves me - with all her little heart.  She follows me from room to room, practically every step I make, because she wants to be near me.  I realize that for most cats - this is somewhat abnormal, but Gracie isn't your normal kitty.  I don't know if having had her from a kitten matters - or if it's just her Tabby breed - she is just different.  She acts much more like a dog than a cat.  We actually play ball and she retrieves it -- all the time.  She brings it to me in the bathroom -- every time!  I taught her how to play ball when she was very little and she actually drives me nuts with it now.  However my point being... she just loves, unapologetically with such sweetness.  She's a lap kitty - and more loving than any other cat I've ever had.  I'd prayed for a cat -- and Gracie wandered up to my car.  How's that for answered prayer??  Here is Gracie:


She is one in a million.  I adore her...  Yes she looks like your average cat - but she is not.  The video is of her fetching ball... from youtube!!!

Now what does this have to do with love?  She has taught me much.  Although she is at best loyal and loving -- she has been a challenge also.  She is prone to running through my apartment at around what seems 30 mph... on most given days.  Full of energy and spry - prior to her getting spay she would destroy anything she felt driven to.  With the personality of a terrible two year old -- she is everywhere and into everything.  I have been unable to break her of it.  Water doesn't bother her -- she just stands there and looks at me - nor does the art of discipline.  Now she has came to understand the word said with vigor "NO!" It took  many a month.  She has chewed shoes, and boots, flowers, and other assorted novelties.  She does seem to calm down when she has plenty of toys however.

At any rate, I love this cat.  This cat loves me.  God sent me Gracie Marie.  I know that without a doubt.  God has taught me patience, tolerance, endurance, and most importantly, unconditional love.  He has broadened my understanding and conceptualization of love.  I think of how tenderly I love her -- and it makes me think about how much God must love us.  It makes me wonder with my heart.  It makes me ponder... and want to know the deep things of God.  It makes me pray and seek to know God's heart.  It makes me want to be a better friend.  This loyalty in my life has brought me such happiness -- I cannot even explain it.  It has fortified what I already known -- that love has no bounds when it comes to the true nature of it's unconditionalness.

One day we'll get to know just how much Jesus loves us.  I think we'll be able to fully feel that love.  I wait for that day with unbridled anticipation -- but we have the kingdom inside of us as well.  We have the capacity for the knowing and comprehending of the righteousness, peace, and joy with us every day, in grace.  We just have to set our minds (and hearts) to walk in it.  I've wanted peace all of my life.  I sought it out in many, many forms - chemicals, food, sex, and relationships... and even in trying to buy it.  There isn't anything on the outside that will give you peace.  It's an inside job -- I don't care what or who is telling you this.  It's not a goal, it's a way of life.

I hear the morning pre-spring birds chirping and it harkens my heart!  Life is so precious.  My life is quite small right now but I know that the Lord has great things in store for me, Jeremiah says so -- I trust what my bible says, for it's the truth of truths.  I have few friends but they are amazing.  I wouldn't trade the few that I have for a multitude of them.  I live a simple life but I have a very active mind.  I share what the holy spirit lays on my heart.

Life is a one shot deal.  We don't get another chance to do today again folks.  I'm as guilty (for lack of a better word) as the next when it comes to honoring the present... but I am awake in the Lord.  I truly believe it's all about being awake.  Think noble thoughts, encourage one another, and live life as fully as you know how.  Go out of your way to help someone - we live in such a shutdown world.  Fear seems to be the ruling emotion.  Faith and fear can't exist together -- not really.  I miss the days where it used to be normal to help your neighbor.  I guess I"m old fashioned like that, but I wouldn't change that part of myself.  Matter of fact, I hope that part continues to grow.  I love growth, even if it comes in a pain package... I know that my Lord is with me.  I've had a great deal of pain, and none of it's killed me yet.  It's all been transformative.  Amen.  Jesus was there the whole time.  He is my everything.  I'm learning to let Him be my friend, and what it is like to be His friend.  You know this is why God created us don't you?  Yes.  He created us, to love.  How amazing is this?  And we struggle to accept God.  His motives are pure.  It is our minds that get us into trouble.  Stop humanizing God.  He loves you so much... you cannot even fathom it.  Get your ideals out of the way and just pray for God to show you the Father -- you'll be amazed at the results is you've prayed with an earnest heart.

I hope your day is beautiful - and filled with love.  I pray that God shows you His beauty in astounding ways as He does me.  May you find your "Gracie" and learn as I have about unconditional love.  There's nothing quite like it.

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  1. Out of your heart flows words of life! Oh and I LOVE the video, that's my favorite cat!