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He Knows

Pain has a way of making us forget God.  It does several things - but one of which that can happen is that it makes us angry.  Anger is often our first response to pain.  Anger is more powerful than hurt, so often times it is the emotion of choice.  With its power, we keep fueling it and don't recognize what's underneath.  The stronger the hurt, the nastier the anger.

Can you imagine being rejected by your best friend?  Or better yet, by your family?  This is basically what Jesus went through, His own people rejected Him.  He was belittled, rejected, called all kinds of humiliating names, and suffered horrific physical pain, then died.  All the while, He humbled Himself, gave of Himself, was kind, long-suffering, healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and walked a law-perfect life.  He saw death and suffering during His lifetime, and out right betrayal.  I don't think we can even imagine the kind of circumstances that Jesus lived under and still He remained loyal to th…


Agape means love.  In some definitions it means unconditional love.  I'm concerned for the pure love of God, for man.  I truly believe we can't comprehend it.  I think we only can conceive a small fraction of the love that God has for us.

When I think about this in all actuality - God is the creator of love.  He is the creator of all things.  He was the One that conceptualized love.  How vast this must be.  I can only akin it to how much I love certain people or say my beloved Gracie -- my little companion.  I'm fully aware of how silly this sounds... yet I've thought and thought about it and searched my heart.  The love that I had for my father was great indeed as well.  Yet and still I know that this pales in comparison to the way that God loves us.

Back to Gracie.  I'll use her for an example.  Her love is so unconditional.  It doesn't matter to her what I'm doing, how I look, or anything else, she just simply an unapologetically loves me - with all he…

The Gift.

Love.  What an amazing feeling.  I often wonder - do we ever quite grasp it fully.

Sometimes I'm simple minded.  I like this.  I aspire to be a humble person.  I seek it.  I've battled with my own inner demons many a year to become who I am.  I am at my core am as gentle as I know how to be.  I believe this is the identity that God placed inside of me.  It is where my heart-center is most at rest.  It is where I find the fullness of my faith.  That rock hard place that is unshakeable.  It is where I  know that my spirit lies, and it speaks to me.  I find comfort and aide in times of trouble.  I've learned to listen to it, and hone it - for it is from there that I love.  It is a well spring of life for me.  With this being said, I truly believe this is my Holy Spirit.  My Holy Spirit that brings me to the ever flowing essence of knowing and trusting love.

This was not always true.  When I grew up love was a dual edged entity.  Love was punishment.  I've had to relearn…