Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some Days........

There are those days when it's hard to get up.  I know when my feet hit the ground, I've got an agenda. I suppose most folks do.  My quandary  is my dog.  I don't get to relax in the morning and wake up slowly -- I have to hit the ground and put on clothes.  My 10 year old Australian Shepherd has to go out, first thing.  It was sweet this morning -- she followed me to the bathroom and gave me a sweet wake up.  She is my constant companion.  I love her, but being a person with chronic pain, I struggle some mornings.  Some mornings I don't get up "cheerfully" - and I am kind of slow.  My girl, Lucky doesn't understand, slow... Her bladder just knows "out."  So up and out we go.  My mind is aching for that first sip of coffee - and my morning meds.  I've managed to decipher a way of keeping my clothes near, and it takes seconds to get dressed.  Lucky is a good and quite smart dog - so she relieves herself quickly.  So I am able to get back in - and get on with my day.  I love her, and she loves me, and is dependent upon me.  She is my first dog.  I've always been a cat person - so this is quite the experience.  As the weather turns colder, it will be the experience!  I've lived in much, much colder climates so hopefully it won't be to challenging.  If I can handle Minnesota - I should be able to deal with Missouri.
I just have to remember that she is here for me, and I am there for her.  This is where the gratitude comes in.  I am a single woman, and she is my reason to get around many days.  She is listed as a "service animal" - or else I could not have her.  I know that there are days that I surely would not take six to seven walks if it were not for her!

She was my Dad's dog.  He loved her dearly.  She helped him with the recovery from his stroke.  He lived for this dog.  I cannot but care deeply for her, because of who and how she is, but also that my father loved her so deeply.  I guess one could say, she has served our family well.  My Mother had her for a few years after my father passed.  She has been a strong unit in my family.  Dogs are like that, they seem to hold family's together.  Lucky has mine.  I suppose in some ways she is holding me together too.  There have been times, when I've have been deeply sad, and she will always bring me out of this emotional state.  She hates it when I cry.  She will roll on the floor - lick me - bark - do just about anything to get my attention so that I will stop crying.  She is very perceptive and quit smart.  She is one of the top ten on the intelligence scale of dogs.  I just love her - smart or not.

I suppose it all boils down to gratitude, early morning trips outside or not.  I'm grateful for her loyalty, her companionship - and her love.  She has been a steady in my family that has now pretty much been brought down to myself and her.  She is pretty much all I have got.  She serves me well.  It is I that must serve her well - even when I don't feel like it.  Gratitude is a practiced state of being.  It doesn't come natural for some folks.  I think for the most part, I've practiced it long enough -- it kind of does for me.  Some days are hard, but others, it's easy.  I have a roof over my head, food to eat, people that love me and a very loyal companion.  I'd say that's pretty good.  I am grateful.

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