Saturday, November 24, 2012

learning, change and it's gift.

Change is a gift.  This is what I believe.  I won't say that it comes without a price.  Change is usually painful, and most humans resist it.  I like to sit back in my mind's eye and observe it.  I like to observe my mind.  It gives you greater mental and emotional control over your life.  It does not stop change - but it can alter your reactions to it.  

Live evolves.  This is a great truth.  There is absolutely nothing we can do about it.  If one tries, they hinder themselves.  Greatly.  We become void and lifeless.  I have someone that I love dearly now, that is using alcohol to numb himself to the fact that he refuses to change. He professes that he does not know how - and perhaps this is a truth -- for if a person does not have coping skills, this can  present a great mental rift.  Yet many have even told him which direction to take - he just chooses not to take a step.  I have tried every thing I know to persuade him, yet he will make no choices.  This is his prerogative. 

We all have choices, we make choices every single day.  Sometimes we make choices and do not even realize it.  Not choosing is a choice.  Not everyone sees this however.  

Changing is our power as humans.  It is our gift of life.  Even though at times, and often it comes through intense pain.  This is our catalyst.  Pay attention to it.  Grieve what you've lost, learn your lesson.  Be grateful for what you still have.  Pull your resources.  Know that in your deepest sorrow, we are not alone.  Walk through the pain, and don't let it defeat you.  You are stronger than you ever realize.  Look to the past and what you've been through.  If you believe in God, pray.  

Sometimes it is hard to see through to the end when the pain is intense, when you've lost a lover, or a loved one.  All of these things bring change.  Job loss, car accidents, losses of pets, moves, all such things and even positive things can force us into the throws of change.  We may have to relocate, learn how to do new things... it can be positive change.  It makes our minds stretch.  This is always a good thing.  Anytime we 'grow' or expand our minds, it is a positive experience.  I see it as a gift.  We are adaptable.  We are more adaptable than we really comprehend.  

I find that when I see life through eyes of gratitude, and as a pleasure to live, even life's trials aren't as hard.  When I see change as a gift - it makes the hard part of it less difficult.  We cannot stay the same.  Even the earth turns.  You will work twice as hard staying the same, that ever trying to change and seeing it as a gift?  Well I just believe that this make is an easier undertaking.  Pain will end eventually.  It always does.  I know because I've been through enough of it.  All storms will end.  The sun will rise again, the birds know it and sing before it's rise.  It's God's promise to us.  Just  like the rainbow.  

Life brings change, change brings life.  It is a gift to really live - therein lies the gift of change.   

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